Thursday, January 18, 2007

did I mention that you control me
free time, free time

escribe the touch, no it’s the thought
it’s warm and yellow and has a ruffle
it’s warm and yellow and...
he’s so quiet i forgot he’s there
and i think here i am.
“oh alice, come back he’s just a kitten...
he’s just a kitten”

and this is from my heart to you
a crazy wind will stir me too and contre de la
i am with you.

a perfect day for a quiet friend
and you - you will set it free
i see new morning yound yr face
everybody sez its another phase
and now - now its come to me
see the magic in yr eyes
i see it come as no surprise

I maintain that
Chaos is the future
And beyond it is freedom
Confusion is next and next after that is the truth
You gotta cultivate what you need to need

Tell nothing but the truth

Run ten thousand miles and then think of me
I think you know the place we should meet
Don't worry if it's dark and I'm late

With guilt
A secret form of punishment
Axes thru skulls
Shadow of futility
Endless / revolt
The shining of light and shadows

Dividing each existance
No-one is right
Nothing is solid
Nothing can be held in my hands for long

Sandy beaches
Bridges sinking into the sea
Beautiful confusion

We should kill time
We should kill time
We should kill time

Look before you leap, okay?
Do you read me?
May all your dreams come true
He's standing by the door
He's got something in his hands
All the money's gone
All the money's gone
The days we spend, go on and on
Fucking youth
Working youth
May all your dreams come true

A lot of people suffer
From impotence



You slept
Did I drift?
Do I dream?
Do you read me?
I'm not speaking
Do you read me?
I dream

I dream

These things don't happen
I dream

You fell in line
You fell in jail
You feel in the shadow
To live in the light
To die in the night
I don't want to push it

I don't want to push it

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